About Us

Our Approach

DTP has specialised in start-ups and restructuring emerging businesses. With all the companies listed, DTP (and or the Taylor Family Trusts) have invested directly but often in partnership with management, banks and other institutions.

Investment Portfolio

We are prepared to invest in both equity and to provide debt on a commercial basis. Our initial investment often enables secondary investment to be secured from banks and other sources of private finance. Our aim is to enable businesses to get off the ground and to enable small to medium size enterprises to expand their activity. We have concentrated on green and high technology companies but remain open to a broad range of projects.

Property Portfolio

We have a broad range of investments in the property sector. The company has specialised in developing large scale, mixed use projects in inner city locations. The company also has interests in renovating secondary properties and currently has planning permission for a significant student housing project focused on the Chinese student community.