Recent Successes

Parking Eye Limited

David Taylor was one of the founding directors of Parking Eye Limited in 2004. An initial investment of £40,000 was made by DTP in the technology based company. The aim was to bring new technologies based upon number plate recognition to the car parking industry. This was a radical departure from the way car parks were traditionally managed by wardens, and physical parking barriers. Creating a new approach in any industry is never easy and no business was secured in the first year, a breakthrough occurred in the second year of trading when one of the major national supermarket chains awarded a contract for 12 of their car parks.

Capital was then required for the orders coming in and further external investment was secured from a fund and two business angels. The company then achieved very significant growth in the retail, hotel and leisure sectors a second major breakthrough came when the first NHS contracts were secured and by 2013, the company was employing 120 people, turning over in excess of £20 million and booking good profits. From a standing start Parking Eye Limited had become the largest operator in its sector, nationally.

Late in 2013 the company’s advisors were approached by Capita Plc who were keen to acquire Parking Eye. In the latter part of that year Parking Eye was acquired by Capita PLC.

Canada Quays Limited

In 2005 David Taylor, and his partner Jack Jacobs linked up in a 50/50 joint venture with British Land PLC to bid competitively to develop a significant site adjacent to the Canada Water tube station in Southwark, London. The Local Authority owned 12 acres of derelict land adjacent to the Jubilee Line tube station.

A long list of 12 consortiums was reduced to a shortlist of 3 and in early 2006 BL Canada Quays Limited was appointed as the Councils development partner. David Taylor designed an innovative delivery structure which revolved around the Council committing its land into the project matched by a commitment from the private sector to provide the development finance. The project survived the banking meltdown of 2008, and when most developers were withdrawing or delaying projects the BL Canada Quays team kept momentum going.

The project has recently been completed and consists of 980 new homes (one third affordable), a new library and civic centre with associated retail space. The scheme has won a number of awards and has been a great commercial success as well as dramatically improving a very run down area.