Corporate Investment Sector

The DTP team have focused on start-ups in the green and high technology sectors. A significant portfolio of companies have prospered within the group to include the following:

  1. Allied Lighting Ltd
    Founded in Preston in 2009. Allied Lighting supplies low energy lighting to the commercial, retail and residential sectors. Allied has built up a significant client list to include Bank of America, Burberry Group and E.H and Booth & Co. Their products have already secured an excellent reputation for reliability and price.

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  2. Carbon Numbers Ltd
    Carbon Numbers is a highly innovative company which is focused on carbon analysis and solutions for a broad range of major clients, including Bank of Santander, Initial Rentokil and Essex University.

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  3. Eco Control Systems Ltd
    With investment support from DTP, Carbon Numbers Ltd acquired Eco Controls Limited during 2013. Eco Controls provides consultancy and turnkey solutions in the mechanical engineering sector.

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  4. Endo Enterprises (UK) Ltd
    Endo secured significant investment from DTP to restructure and build up its range of green and environmentally friendly water treatment products. Endo have recently moved to new premises in Warrington from where they an expanding and impressive customer base.

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  5. Energy 10 Ltd
    Operating in Waste to Energy, the company has designed ground breaking and highly efficient waste to energy power plants. Along with significantly reducing the amount of waste taken to landfill each year, the process by which the waste is disposed of creates “green” electricity.
  6. iHandover Ltd
    iHandover was born out of a need in the Mining Industry and our solution is being quickly adapted by mining companies as well as in other sectors. Much work in Mining is project based as well as being carried out by rotating staff. Our web-based handover software empowers organisations to improve knowledge transfer and business performance. Momentum+, our flagship product, facilitates workplace handovers, project transitions and on-boarding while Keyscore helps to identify critical positions for which handover and taken strategies must be created. The iHandover solutions uniquely addresses a need which exists across a range of sectors including Mining, Healthcare, Finance and Construction.

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  7. Rockpools People and Performance Ltd
    DTP provided finance to enable this experienced team of recruiters to restructure their business in 2014. Rockpools operate nationally for major clients including the Cabinet Office and more recently the Olympic Delivery Authority.

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  8. Xplore4 Technologies Ltd
    Xplore4 offers businesses the chance to take advantage of “BigData”, by creating a tool to effectively analyse and interpret a business’s spending patterns and present it in a format which can be used to the benefit the overall business. Xplore4 specialises in mobile technologies and applications and has extensive experience in a broad range of industries. The business aims to support its customers to ensure the tool and its outputs are used to the highest effect.

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  9. Standard Gas
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  10. Money and Co
    Are you ready to grow your business? Expand your business with flexible loans up to £3,000,000, or help British businesses with typical returns of between 6 and 10 per cent per annum.

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